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Grant application checklist

Are you looking to apply for a grant but you're not sure where to start?  Here’s a checklist to help you!

  1. Review our Top 10 Tips to enhance your application.

  2. Attend a grant writing webinar ‘How to write a successful CBF grant application’.

    Wednesday 24 January, 6:30pm (ethnic broadcasters only). Register.
    Thursday 22 February, 6:30pm (open to all broadcasters and content producers). Register.

  3. Review the CBF grant FAQ’s. The FAQ resource is really valuable, especially in the early stages.

  4. Watch our video tutorials showing how to respond to questions in the application forms.

  5. Visit our comprehensive grant writing resources.

  6. Chat with our friendly team of Grants Administrators who are here to guide you.

  7. Get started on your application!