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Geoff Payne_150.jpgGeoff Payne appointed to Sector Investment Advisory Committee

The CBF welcomes back Geoff Payne to serve on the Sector Investment Advisory Committee (SIAC).

Geoff was appointed to a vacancy on the Committee, joining a team of experienced community broadcasters and industry experts who volunteer their time to support the funding processes at the CBF.

“It’s wonderful to be back, and I’m looking forward to again contributing to the important work of the Community Broadcasting Foundation,” said Geoff.

“My experience as a former CBF Board member has given me a broad understanding of each of the sector-wide projects that SIAC oversees and the important role that sector representative organisations play in serving their members and championing community broadcasting.”

“It’s an honour to again be a part of the team at the CBF," said Geoff. 

"We work hard to ensure that funding processes are robust and independent, and that we are supporting the best outcomes for community broadcasting.”

CBF Vice President and SIAC Chair Ellie Rennie said it was an excellent appointment.
"We consistently have such a high calibre of individuals putting themselves forward to volunteer their time with us, we're very lucky," said Ellie. "The work we do on SIAC requires a detailed eye, and Geoff is such a considered, astute thinker."

Geoff Payne started his involvement in community broadcasting through Vision Australia Foundation and served on the Board of RPH Australia.  In more recent years he served on the CBF Board for almost ten years and was a member of the former RPH and Digital Radio Grants Advisory Committees.  Geoff has recently retired after a 25+ year career managing systems and planning within La Trobe University Library.

About SIAC

The SIAC provides independent, informed advice on funding objectives, policy and practice, and considers Sector Investment funding processes. The SIAC ensures that funding initiatives and grant programs are consistent with broader strategic intent.

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