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Responses to our consultation about the CBF’s new grant categories

To develop our new funding categories and to make sure they are appropriate and relevant to community broadcasters, the CBF consulted national sector representative organisations and sought feedback on draft grant guidelines.  We also ran some workshops, webinars and focus groups to test some ideas, and we had a large number of volunteers test the new application forms for us.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the development of the new grant guidelines and forms.

The grant guidelines have now been published and you can preview the application forms:

Sector representative organisations’ responses to the final consultation in relation to the new grant guidelines are published below. 

Substantial negotiation and dialogue took place with some respondents following the provision of their submissions, and many of their suggestions were able to be incorporated into the final guidelines.  In some instances suggestions were not able to be incorporated, but in many of these cases we were able to meet and discuss the reasoning behind our framing of the guidelines and reach a mutual understanding on the merit of this first expression of our new grant processes.

We will be seeking feedback about our grant processes following the first round of applications, and the guidelines and application forms will evolve in future rounds in response to this feedback. 


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