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Solar for Stations

The CBF has launched a campaign to help stations improve their financial and environmental sustainability through solar power installation.

The first step is finding out which stations are interested in solar power so we can show potential funders the need for solar in our sector, and the difference that it will make.

By completing this survey by Friday 18 August 2017, your site will be assessed for suitability for funding.  We will use this information to make the case for new, additional funding for the sector – and hopefully, solar power for your station!

If your station is in the planning stages, or has already gone solar - we still want to hear from you.  We might be able to fund enhancements to your system (such as storage or increased size).

For more information, please call Anita van Rooyen, Fundraising Executive on 03 8341 5900 (M-F 9.30 to 1.30pm) or email: avanrooyen@cbf.com.au