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Community Radio & TV is YOU Photo Competition 2017

The winner of our 2017 photo competition? COMMUNITY BROADCASTING!!

Your amazing photos and stories will help us show how community broadcasting is a thriving, local and diverse media sector, creating belonging for all Australians.

The Community Radio & TV is YOU Photo Competition 2017has been a great success. We received 129 stellar images of community media creators and consumers, representing 53 radio and television stations in metro and regional areas, from all states & territories.

Our industry judges were impressed by the high-quality entries. As one judge said: "I would encourage all photographers to accept the credit for their work; the camera is simply a tool, it is the artist who sees the shot!"

We’d like to thank all entrants for joining the competition and for all you do in our sector.

You're the champions of community broadcasting!


There were 4 cash prizes of $500 awarded:

  • WINNER - CONSUMERS - listeners and viewers of community radio and TV category
  • WINNER - CREATORS - volunteers and staff of community radio & TV stations category

And there was an ‘Honourable Mention’ award in each category.

Our winners will also receive a framed copy of their photo, an award, and promotional opportunities. Winning images will be hung with pride in the CBF offices.


Photographer: Brendan Newcombe Photography

At: Triple Y - 107.7 FM - Whyalla, SA.

The only thing I've kept in mind over all these years is to keep my listeners happy…I've loved this place.” Joe Goll.

This photo was taken to commemorate Joe’s thirty years on air at Whyalla’s community station, Triple Y. Joe Goll is one of 5YYY’s founding members and for 30 years shared his love of German, Austrian and international music through his show, International Rendezvous.

5YYY Secretary Simeon Spargo said “I entered this photo to honour Joe, as he has just retired from the station at 89 years of age. I’m a presenter at 5YYY and was involved in helping Joe broadcast his show in its last year. Joe brought a real multicultural feel to 5YYY in a heavily multicultural town, and his show was loved by all.”

Brendan Newcombe has very generously offered to share his prize with the station saying:  "Shooting this image was a lot of fun. I'm so honoured to have won with an image that I love so much. Thank you CBF and thank you 5YYY for letting me spend time in the studio to photograph Joe”.

Winning a prize is about so much more than the money. As Triple Y presenter and committee member, Simeon Spargo said: "You don’t know how much this means to our station and community, we’re only a small town, pop 22,000 or so. We’ve just gone through a year of administration at Onesteel, which is the main employer for the whole town. Recently we had a buyer, we're now Liberty Onesteel, and the whole town is hyped. For our station to win this comp is the icing on the cake! Thanks CBF!"


Station: 8CCC 102.1FM Community Radio – Alice Springs & Tennant Creek, NT.

Photograph by: Oliver Eclipse Photography

“Veronika does a show, V for the World, Monday nights on 8CCC Community Radio. 8CCC broadcasts in Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, and online. Each week Veronika plays music from around the world, with a focus on eastern European music. She gets requests from family, friends and listeners around the world. This week she got an email from her mum requesting a song from her new born granddaughter, Jasmine. So, Veronica and Jasmine did their best!” Oliver Eclipse.

8CCC’s Joy Taylor said “Oliver Eclipse has helped us document many special 8CCC moments over the years, and is also a presenter, playing an eclectic mix of music each Tuesday evening on his show, Shuffling. We are very proud to have such a talented photographer here in our radio family.

WINNER - CONSUMERS (listeners and viewers of community radio and TV) category: $500

Photographer: Semir Sidran

Listening to: 3ZZZ - 92.3 FM - Melbourne, VIC.

“My family migrated to Australia in 1994, fleeing the war in Bosnia. My father has been a regular listener to 3ZZZ’s Bosnian programming. Community radio keeps him informed on what's happening in his native country as well as in the Bosnian community here in Australia.

I’m very grateful that my photo was selected as a winner. I take pride in taking photos and sharing them. The prize money will go a long way in funding a new telephoto zoom lens for my camera!”

Semir Sidran.

WINNER - CREATORS (volunteers and staff of community radio & TV stations) category: $500

Photographer: Raul Policarpio

At: 5ebi 103.1fm Multicultural Radio – Adelaide, SA.

“It was a cold evening when I dropped by Adelaide’s multicultural radio station, 5EBI 103.1fm.  These volunteers were preparing to go live on air so I asked permission to take photos. It was a great show, just a light discussion about everyday life in the city, and a fun shoot. These ladies have been 5ebi volunteers for a very long time. Celia is a Filipina announcer, Vlasta is a Croatian continuity programmer and Skai is a Latvian announcer.” Raul Policarpio.

“Established in 1975, 5EBI has a rich history as Australia's first fulltime ethnic radio station. We aim to serve the local community and celebrate our multicultural society. We’re supported by hundreds of dedicated volunteers broadcasting in 46 different languages," said Juan Paolo Legaspi, 5EBI Deputy Chair.

Raul has submitted many beautiful photos to our competition two years running, and this win couldn’t have come a better time for his young family. “The prize will be a big help taking my new baby on a family trip back to the Philippines,” Raul said.  “I am deeply honoured to represent 5EBI as the photo winner. Our radio community will be inspired to reach out more to the listeners regardless of their ethnicity.”

HONOURABLE MENTION - CREATORS (volunteers and staff of community radio & TV stations) category

Photographer: Deanna Roberts

At: Eastern FM 98.1 FM - Croydon, VIC.

Station Technicians are the unsung heroes of our sector, working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep us on-air.  

Eastern FM presenter Deanna Roberts explained why she chose to snap their resident techie ‘treasure’, Keith Jessup:

“Keith works tirelessly at Eastern FM as our head technician.  Regardless of how many challenges he faces, whether from technical issues, or human error, or just plain, down-right frustration, Keith endures and is always there to assist and to put the plugs in the right holes, flick the right switches and get down and dirty (on the carpet!) if he absolutely has to.... without complaint.  A treasure indeed.  If you can't see him in the studio at first glance, chances are he's either hiding from us behind an equipment rack because he wants to, or because there's simply no other way to get to that tiny little bugbear that's causing all the problems.  He'll peek through and let you know he's there but won't necessarily come out from behind!”

HONOURABLE MENTION - CONSUMERS (listeners and viewers of community radio & tv) category

Photographer: Gerry Terati Lyons AKA The Gman

At: Radio 3KND Kool n Deadly – 1503AM, Melbourne, VIC

As Station Manager at Melbourne's Indigenous owned and run radio station, 3KND, Gerry uses his photography skills to capture precious community broadcasting moments. 

"Photojournalism is a snapshot into a moment of time. Community provides the story - 3KND connects the dots," Gerry said.

"This father and his daughter were part of the Bungul traditional dance group performing at the Barunga Festival 2017. Barunga is an iconic event with a proud tradition of celebrating the best of remote Indigenous Australia. This much-loved NT festival attracts a 4000-strong audience of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from all over the world.

In 1988, history was made there when Aboriginal leaders came together and presented Prime Minister Bob Hawke with the Barunga Statement, calling for a treaty. Whilst the Prime Minister signed the statement, sadly, it was never brought before Parliament. Yothu Yindi went on to write the worldwide hit song Treaty about this gathering at the Barunga Festival.

Radio 3KND teamed up with TEABBA Radio (Top End Aboriginal Bush Broadcasting Assn) to co-present and broadcast the 2-day event nation-wide to an estimated audience of 1.2 million. 3KND collaborates with other Indigenous networks to combine training opportunities and provide live to air content to Aboriginal networks who would otherwise not be able to produce this valuable programming. These broadcasts connect families who may be apart for many reasons and help maintain connections to culture through our airwaves." Gerry Terati Lyons.