General information for all applicants

1. Can we apply for more than one category of grant?

Yes. There are separate application forms for the different categories of grants. Please make sure you are completing the right form for each application.  In some categories you can apply more than once in each round.

2. How do we apply?

  • Read the guidelines for each grant category and make sure you are eligible to apply.
  • Apply online using the SmartyGrants online grant application system.  You will need to create a log-in for the first time you use the system.
  • Check carefully on the application form checklist which material you need to include. We can't process your application without the right supporting material.
  • Fill out the form in full and make sure that the appropriate person has completed the declaration. You won't be able to submit your application if any required fields (marked *) are left blank.
  • Submit online using SmartyGrants online application form. We will confirm receipt of your application by email.

> For help using SmartyGrants see the SmartyGrants Guide for Applicants

3. What is the decision-making time-frame?

  • Each grant category has different application time-frames - see the relevant grant page on the CBF website and check the Key Dates page for closing dates for the next round.
  • Applications are considered by the various Grants Advisory Committees and recommendations are presented to the next quarterly CBF Board meeting. Board meetings are held in February, May, August and November.
  • After the Board meeting, you will be notified about whether or not you have been successful.

4. What do we have to do if we receive a grant?

  • You will be sent a Grant Offer and a Grant Agreement which outlines your responsibilities. Read this carefully and make sure you set up adequate accounting and reporting systems to manage the funds.
  • You must sign and return the Grant Agreement and a Tax Invoice (if you are registered for GST) within eight weeks, before you can receive the grant funds.  You will also need to complete an EFT Authorisation form if your organisation has received funding for the first time or has changed it's bank details since last time. When the CBF receives these documents the grant payment will be made.
  • You will need to complete all CBF Grant Reporting Requirements within the timeframe specified when you receive the grant. Refer to the Grant Reporting Requirements for further details.

5. Is there any other important information?

  • GST may be payable on CBF grants. If you are GST registered, you will need to provide a tax invoice in order to receive payment of the grant. Apply for the GST exclusive amount and we will add GST onto the grant if you are GST registered.  If you are not GST registered, apply for the GST inclusive amount so that if you're successful, the grant you receive includes enough funds to pay for the GST on your goods and services you'll purchase with the grant.
  • A grant will not be able to be paid if you have any overdue Grant Reports from previous CBF grants. A new grant will be held for eight weeks from date of offer to allow you to complete any reports from previous grants. If you don't send the overdue reports within the eight weeks the grant may be withdrawn.
  • The CBF may ask you to send additional information in assessing your application such as your organisation's constitution, business plan, list of current management committee or copy of the broadcast licence.
  • The CBF website contains a series of Grant writing resources to help you apply for and manage your grant.
  • The Community Broadcasting Foundation respects your right to privacy protection.  See the Privacy Statement for details.