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Emergency grants


Applications welcome anytime.

Funds are available to assist stations to replace damaged or destroyed essential equipment and related immediate expenses in order to restore basic transmission following an unforeseen event such as flood, bushfire, lightning or accidental damage (but not operator failure). Grants will be approved outside the normal grant rounds - you will receive advice about the success of your application within approximately two weeks, instead of the usual 10 weeks.

Application procedure

To apply you will need to use an online grant application system called SmartyGrants

Discuss your project with the relevant CBF Grants Administrator before submitting your application.

Further information

Community radio stations in the ACT and NSW:
Contact Barbara Baxter on (03) 8341 5944, email: bbaxter@cbf.com.au

Community radio stations & RIMOs in QLD, SA, WA, NT:
Contact Georgina Boucher (03) 8341 5955, email: gboucher@cbf.com.au

Community radio stations in VIC, TAS, Community TV stations:
Contact Jon King (03) 8341 5966, email: jking@cbf.com.au