Grant Report Forms

Before filling out a Grant Report form, please read the Grant Reporting Requirements.

If you are reporting on a grant that was applied for online via SmartyGrants, log in here to complete your grant report online.

If you are reporting on a grant that was prior to Round 2 2011/12, contact the relevant Grants Administrator and they will email you a form to complete.

For further information contact:

Barbara Baxter
Grants Administrator
(Ethnic & Transmission Support grants)
Telephone: (03) 8341 5944

Claire Stuchbery
Grants Administrator
(General Sector Coordination and Sustainability & Development, RPH and Indigenous grants)
Telephone: (03) 8341 5955

Jo Curtin
Senior Grants Administrator
(Training grants)
Telephone: (03) 8341 5933

Jon King
Grants Administrator
(TV, General Station, Amrap, CBOnline and Digital Radio grants)
Telephone: (03) 8341 5966