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Grant Allocations


Over $2m in grants allocated in November 2016

Successful grant applications

The November 2016 meeting of the CBF Board of Directors saw 182 grants approved.

ICTV will receive a grant of $6,700 to support the production of a video documentary that gives voice to a number of Indigenous Elders from Mornington Island to talk about the importance of maintaining a connection to the land, the foods that are available during different seasons and the culture of the Island community.

159 stations all over the country will receive a partial reimbursement for their transmission expenses, totaling a little more than $1.8m altogether.

5WOW in Semaphore, South Australia will receive a Planning Assistance grant of $5,330 to conduct the station's first formal strategic planning process. An external facilitator will help the station consolidate a recent period of growth and revise their objectives moving forward.

Previous successful grant applications in 2016...

2NBC in Sydney has been allocated a CBF grant to recruit and train 30 young people from multicultural backgrounds in the St George area to become skilled in the technical aspects and management of a community radio station.  The project will involve mentoring by the station's current ethnic broadcasters and will give the young participants the opportunity to produce their own ethnic programs.

6HRV Harvey Community Radio, WA will be expanding their capacity to offer interview opportunities to groups of more than two interviewees at a time. CBF grant funds will help the station purchase a new mixing desk with USB audio interface to increase the number of input channels, microphones and stands and headphones. This new equipment will help Harvey Community Radio increase the amount of talk content broadcast and allow volunteers to utilise new interview techniques learned through a recent CMTO course.

3MDR in Emerald, Victoria will also receive a grant to help purchase some new equipment. The station has had an increase in presenters and programming hours in recent years and will be able to replace some wearing second hand CD players, upgrade their production computer system and buy some new microphones which will increase the quality of live music performances at the station.

The Christian Media & Arts Association (CMAA) will receive support to continue their Digital Sustainability Project, expanding their support for member stations in rural areas to move to a new stage of digital sustainability and media integration. The project helps stations integrate website and CRM systems, integrate social media content on their websites, build online community events calendars with directory and ticketing functions and support smaller stations build mentoring relationships with mid-tier stations to coach and trouble-shoot digital issues.

Ten stations will be supported with grants to help promote their station to their local community. 2BBB in Bellingen, NSW will be Promoting the Bees through an event to re-introduce people to the station, supported with magnets, bumper stickers, t-shirts, flyers and a new banner.

4RED in Redcliffe, QLD will be engaging new people with their station with help from a grant to support the employment of a Content Director. The new position will help the station broaden its range of content on air and its delivery platforms.

2SER’s On The Money team will be reporting on the world of finance all year with the weekly program shared on the Community Radio Network. In 2017 they will again gather reporters from 2XX, CAAMA and SYN and head into the Federal Budget lockup to bring listeners an alternate perspective on the annual budget announcement.

A new initiative from JOY in Melbourne will develop a flagship current affairs program on issues affecting the LGBTI community.

3MBR in Murrayville, Victoria received support to broadcast from the 100th Annual Pinnaroo Show.

2BOB in Taree will be inviting ethnic broadcasters from Holland, France, the Phillippines, Greece and Japan to be involved in the statio's World Food Fair.

Radio MAMA (Midwest Aboriginal Media Association) will be broadcasting a Tamworth Aboriginal Cultural Showcase in 2017 with help from a CBF grant. 


The most recent grant allocations made by the CBF Board for each CBF grant category are detailed in the following spreadsheet.

> Download Grant Allocations spreadsheet (XLS file, 1161KB)

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