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CBOnline Resources

CBOnline grants are available to assist the development of innovative online technologies by community broadcasting organisations. This page lists some of the completed resources from projects we have funded in this grant category.


MediaPoint is a solution to securely and effortlessly share content between Christian Media & Arts Australia members. A provider can drop audio, video, documents or any file into a folder on their computer, and within minutes it will be copied to a folder on the computer of anyone who has subscribed to that content.

MediaPoint has also been developed for the RPH Australia members which can be found at RPHMediaPoint.

Program Distribution System (PDS)

PDS is internet based software which lets you to share your files with other SCMA members. Registered users can receive program segments automatically and send files to other users in your company or users in other companies directly.

Mobile Broadcasting Manual

Edge Radio in Hobart has developed an instruction manual to empower community radio stations with the know-how to set up a cheap, useful and adaptable live broadcast unit that uses audio streaming through Australia's mobile telecommunications networks.


IRCA and ICTV has developed IndigiTUBE as a forum to celebrate and enjoy media produced by Indigenous people living in the remotest parts of Australia.