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National Training Program

The National Training Program is funded by the Federal Government to maintain and develop a national training program that facilitates the delivery of management and broadcasting skills training to the community broadcasting sector. The provision of training is a necessary expression of the sector's commitment to promoting access and participation in all aspects of broadcast media operation. It also recognises the strong and continuing role that the community broadcasting sector plays as a training ground in broadcast and management skills, and media and digital literacy for the broader community and as the gateway training provider for the national and commercial broadcasting sectors.

In accordance with Australian Government funding conditions the Program aims to ensure that the bulk of training places are at stations in regional and remote areas and to address the particular needs of ethnic, Indigenous and RPH broadcasters.  In relation to ethnic training, ethnic youth, new and emerging ethnic groups and new language groups are prioritised.

The National Training Program is conducted via two separate but related initiatives:

  • National Training Project (NTP) 

The NTP is managed by the Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO). CMTO_logo.jpg

The CMTO is responsible for the development of training resources, the professional development of sector-based trainers and assessors, and the coordination of training projects that further develop the delivery of training in the community broadcasting sector.  The CMTO is also a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and delivers training across the community broadcasting sector. 

  • CBF Training Grants program 

The Training Grants program provides funding for community radio and television stations, sector representative organisations and Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) through Training Delivery and RTO Infrastructure Support grants.  From time-to-time, if funds permit, Special Training Project grants may also be available. The CBF's Training Grants Advisory Committee (TGAC) assesses grant applications and monitors the global budgets for the NTP and associated grant funds. TGAC makes grant recommendations and provides policy advice for consideration by the CBF Board. The CBF Board is responsible for reporting to the Department of Communications on the progress of the NTP and expenditure of the funds provided. 

The Program provides an opportunity to create a national training structure, a bank of skilled trainers, and comprehensive training resources of lasting benefit to the community broadcasting sector. 

Further Information

  • For information about grant opportunities or projects within the National Training Project contact Georgie Boucher, Grants Administrator ph: (03) 8341 5900 or email: gboucher@cbf.com.au.
  • For more information about the National Training Project, visit the CMTO website: www.cmto.org.au.