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Radio Nation - Increasing Indigenous Voices on the Airways

Radio Nation is a resource for non-Indigenous stations interested in providing greater access and broadcasting opportunities to local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

The Radio Nation video, with accompanying fact sheets, provides practical strategies for applying Indigenous cultural protocols in engaging and supporting Indigenous presenters, building sustainable programs and representing Indigenous people, knowledge and cultures on-air. 

Radio Nation looks at how three community radio stations have successfully engaged and supported Indigenous people to become broadcasters. Station managers and Indigenous broadcasters share their experiences on what's worked and reflect on how they've successfully transferred cultural protocols to day-to-day practice. They also discuss how Indigenous programming has increased their listener base, enriched their station, empowered local Indigenous people and, ultimately, benefited the entire community.

The CBF encourages all community radio stations around Australia that have a general community of interest to encourage and support Indigenous broadcasting.  This is particularly important in communities that have a large Indigenous population. The Radio Nation DVD and fact sheets have been distributed to all general community radio stations. The video was also distributed to dedicated Indigenous radio services to ensure their awareness of the project.

View the video: Radio Nation - Increasing Indigenous Voices on the Airways

Radio Nation - Increasing Indigenous Voices on the Airways from CBF on Vimeo.

Radio Nation - Fact Sheets - CBF 2010
> Download the Fact Sheets (PDF format - 181KB)

Radio Nation - Increasing Indigenous Voices on the Airways was produced by Fingerprint Productions for the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

Radio Nation: Useful Resources & Links

Indigenous cultural protocols relating to broadcasting

Indigenous and community broadcasting

Indigenous issues and organisations

  • The ABC Online Indigenous Portal is a great resource with extensive links to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander websites, a language area map and a national Indigenous calendar of events. 
  • The Department of Indigenous affairs in your State or Territory
  • The Land Council in your area


  • Funds are available to assist with program production costs for regular (weekly) Indigenous programs that are broadcast on a community radio station. Read more about the CBF's Content grants.