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The Community Broadcasting Foundation is committed to supporting research on Australian community broadcasting.

CBF Funded Research

Community Broadcasting Station Census

The Community Broadcasting Station Census is a comprehensive report into the activities of stations in the Australian community radio sector.

In previous years, a single census provided a snapshot of the community radio sector covering programming, program sources, finances, staffing, volunteers, subscribers, sponsorship, training and technology. The CBAA decided to split future census data collection projects over three separate surveys.

The three Census surveys cover:

  1. Infrastructure and Technology
  2. Programming and Community Development
  3. Management and Administration

The latest Community Broadcasting Station Census was carried out on behalf of the CBAA by Survey Matters. Previously, this was undertaken by McNair Ingenuity Research.

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The Community Broadcasting Station Census is coordinated by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.

Community Radio National Listener Survey

The Community Radio National Listener Survey is undertaken by McNair Ingenuity Research in order to measure the size of the community radio audience throughout Australia. The research built a picture of the size, social and locational characteristics of community radio listeners and is the fifth comprehensive large-scale survey undertaken on behalf of the sector.

The lates data revealed that over 5.2 million Australian listen to community radio each week, with the average listener tuning in for over 15 hours a week.

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The research was funded by the Department of Communications through the Community Broadcasting Foundation. The Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) managed the project.

National Qualitative Study of Community Broadcasting Audiences

The first comprehensive qualitative study of community broadcasting audiences in Australia was commissioned in response to a need within the sector, from policy bodies and the broader Australian community, to better understand community broadcasters and their diverse audiences. Titled 'Community Media Matters: An audience study of the Australian community broadcasting sector', the results of the two year study undertaken by a Griffith University research team was launched at the 3RRRFM studios in Melbourne on 17 August 2007 by the Hon Helen Coonan, Minister for Communication, Information Technology and the Arts. 

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Culture, Commitment, Community: the Australian Community Radio Sector

This report covers a range of issues associated with the Australian community radio industry: the structure of the sector; the characteristics of those working in the sector; localism; Indigenous and Ethnic programming; news and current affairs services; training; and funding. Based on over 350 interviews with sector workers and a series of focus group discussions the study presents a detailed overview of the sector at the turn of the millennium.

The report is the culmination of three years of research by Associate Professor Michael Meadows, Dr Susan Forde and Ms. Kerrie Foxwell from Griffith University's School of Arts, Media and Culture. The research was funded and supported by the Australian Research Council, DCITA, CBAA, and the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

'Culture, Commitment, Community: the Australian Community Radio Sector' - Griffith University 2002.

> Download the report two parts - Part A (PDF format -100KB) and Part B (PDF format - 1MB)

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