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Sector Project: Amrap

The Australian Music Radio Airplay Project (Amrap) promotes contemporary Australian music through the community radio.

We support the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia to manage Amrap.  The project provides tools and support for musicians to distribute their music for airplay and to find stations that are playing their music to help map promotions and tours.


For broadcasters

All Australian community radio stations, music directors and radio program makers can apply to access music for free. Since 2009, over 2,500 broadcasters from 250 stations have subscribed and have ordered over 250,000 tracks for airplay.

Over 4,000 Australian musicians & 100 labels have been handpicked across all genres to provide music and new music is added every week.

+ Broadcasters: apply for Amrap’s free AirIt Service

For musicians


“Getting all 17 tracks from my latest release Chance To Love played on stations across the country probably wouldn’t have happened without Amrap. I am especially a fan of the playlist reporting online; it is the best tool I have at my disposal to easily find out who is playing what and when! I check it most days and get a real energy boost when I see a new station has added one of my songs to its playlist. I love Amrap.” – Ben Mitchell, singer songwriter from Healesville.

Discovering Amrap was a game changer for me. As an independent artist, promoting my album was made so much more effective with the help of Amrap. 

+ Part of Ben’s album launch and touring schedule has included a number of interviews and in-studio performances like this one filmed by 3RRR.

+ Ben made a video featuring in-studio footage and audio grabs from stations

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