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Dragon Dreaming

Dragon Dreaming - the life and art of Kushia Young is a documentary about a young, deaf, Indigenous artist from remote Kalka in APY Lands as she prepares for her first public exhibition.

Ninti Media received a grant to assist with the production of the documentary, auspiced and broadcast by Indigenous Community Television.

The documentary examines Kushia’s unique artistry, combining elements of traditional Indigenous arts practice with mythical Asian subject matters, while navigating isolation, disability and cultural integration.

A short version of the film won the Open Entrant Documentary Judges Choice at the 2015 Focus on Ability Short Film Festival, and the full film was nominated for Best Documentary in the 2016 South Australian Screen Awards.

Ninti Media also raised $5,265 through a Kickstarter campaign to cover travel, accommodation and arts materials for Kushia and her family to go to Adelaide for Kushia’s first public arts exhibition, which was filmed as part of the documentary.

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