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The F-Word - Girls to the Front


The-F-Word cast and crew - photo credit Lisa Piccione

Women are underrepresented in all significant roles in the films and screen industry and are regularly portrayed through a masculine gaze - sexualised, disempowered, stereotyped or simply portrayed as inexplicable or “other”.

The F-Word is produced by an almost exclusively female cast and crew, and features content with genuine female voices and acknowledging the female experience as valid and relevant.

A TV Content Production Grant was allocated to producers of The F-Word, auspiced by C31 Melbourne and Geelong, to produce a 13-part community television series featuring panel discussions, comedy skits, book reviews, vox pops and sex-ed advice.

The series was produced by local feminists Naomi Chainey, Riyana Kasmawan, Jax-Jacki Brown, Josephine Rosier-Maguire, Kirsty Mac, Anne Standen, Romany Latham, Tahlia Celenn, Ashley Waite and Amorette Garner-Williams, plus 35 other helpful cast and crew.

The series was launched at a ticketed event with a screening of the first episode and live music, attracting almost 100 attendees, raising further funds for the production and building media exposure ahead of the broadcast.

The F-Word features a number of high profile guests discussing their views on feminism including:

  • Cherchez La Femme and the Girls On Film Festival’s Karen Pickering;
  • Australian Greens Senator Larissa Waters;
  • La Trobe University academic Dr Karina Quinn;
  • Journalists Tracey Spicer and Van Badham;
  • Social commentators Celeste Little and Tasneem Chopra; and
  • Comedian Dana Alexander.

CBF funds supported studio use and equipment hire, catering, sets, props and production crew. Additional funding for the project was also provided by the City of Melbourne.

At time of writing this the program had over 1,300 Likes on Facebook and over 1,600 views on YouTube of short segments from the series.

You can find more information on The F-Word at http://lovethefword.com.au.

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