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Youth Jukebox connects young people, engages them in civic participation

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Emmie and Ben in the 2RRR studio, Youth Jukebox program

Funds from the CBF helped suburban Sydney station 2RRR to coordinate and broadcast Youth Jukebox, 4-5pm Monday to Fridays. 

2RRR is a community radio station committed to the provision of a broadcasting facility that aims to allow and encourage the widest possible community participation. 

By coordinating the involvement of schools in the program, the station has helped to engage the youth community and increase the number of young people involved at the station – and the results have been significant – the number of young participants over the course of twelve months has trebled, with interest in the program still growing. 

Youth Jukebox presenters Melody and Krishani

"If you're open to having people come in and don't stifle their creativity you do get great results from young people."

“I’ve seen significant increase in their personal growth, many have gained self-confidence and enthusiasm for civic participation.”

“Our youth are so important to a thriving community, but many feel so disconnected.  We are reconnecting youth to the community by speaking to them in their own voice, and allowing them a level of autonomy and responsibility they don’t expect, but really desire, as well as fostering a sense of belonging and acceptance.  This is something community radio does exceptionally well.”

Mason Smith, 2RRR Youth Coordinator

The program provides information of local youth activities, involves young people from all walks of life and is a valuable learning experience, with career pathways maximised through training with the Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) and community partners 2Realise and Hillsip (High Schools Industry Partnership).

The funding also assisted the station to establish and maintain partnerships that have led to special campaigns dedicated to mental health.   

Youth Jukebox has attracted more than 10 new volunteers to the station, and six students involved with the program have pursued media in an educational capacity, including two being accepted to the Charles Sturt University media course.

“Bringing in new younger members is valuable, fostering the next generation of broadcasters and introducing a new demographic of listeners.”

“Providing a voice for young people in the community is incredibly important for this project and benefits the student presenters directly and the wider youth in the community.”

“The value of the project in terms of its educational benefits is also extremely high, providing an academic resource for their interpersonal development, understanding of and benefit to the wider sector.”

“We have found in the past that when there is no one in the station acting as a channel for young people to get involved that accessing the young demographic is quite a challenge. Having that point of contact is vital, to keep communication open between all interested parties and to help shape the options for now and in the future.”
- Mason Smith, 2RRR Youth Coordinator

+ Read more about Youth Jukebox on their website and Facebook page.

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