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Yarra Valley outside broadcast

The Community Broadcasting Foundation is Australia’s longest-running and largest supporter of community radio and TV.

We are a charitable agency that seeks, secures and distributes funding to support local, independent community broadcasting nationally.

Supporting the community

More than five million people connect to community radio every week; another million engage with their local community TV station.  Around 25,000 people power the stations by volunteering.

Internationally recognised

The Australian community broadcasting sector is recognised as one of the most successful examples of grassroots media in the world.

Catherine Carter live on Nunga Wangga

Values driven

Our vision is to create a thriving independent media sector for all Australians.  We are committed to access, diversity, independence, localism, multiculturalism, and social justice.

Nimble & efficient

Since its establishment in 1984 the CBF has distributed more than $207 million to almost 500 eligible organisations.  Our administration costs amount to only six per cent of our annual turnover.

Turn your donation into so much more

Even more than great content, community radio and TV allows for great connections to be made.  Connections that can help tackle a universal and increasing social issue – loneliness.

Community broadcasting is in a unique position to make a difference; entering the homes, cars and offices of lonely people every day.  It is a familiar and trusted voice.  We will fund programs to create connections at station and community level, increase volunteering and reducing loneliness.

You can contribute to the work of the Community Broadcasting Foundation

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Help us beat loneliness

Beating loneliness through community broadcasting

With a third of Australians experiencing loneliness at some time, it is a growing issue with a serious social cost. Research tells us that with such a big reach, community broadcasting is perfectly placed to beat loneliness.

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Leave a Gift in your Will

Remember the Community Broadcasting Foundation in your Will and make your lasting mark on the sector.

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Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are public supporters of community broadcasting, the CBF and our campaigns.  You might see or hear them talking about us and encouraging others to contribute to our work.

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Our Supporters

The Community Broadacsting Foundation seeks, secures, distributes and administers funding to support the development, creativity and sustainability of community broadcasting in Australia.   We couldn't do it without our supporters.

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For more information contact

Anita van Rooyen | Fundraising Executive | 03 8341 5900 | avanrooyen@cbf.com.au

Patrick Fitzgerald | Fundraising Executive | 03 8341 5900 | pfitzgerald@cbf.com.au

Bek Pasqualini | Fundraising Assistant | 03 8341 5900 | bpasqualini@cbf.com.au