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Share our vision - join us to help every Australian belong and find their voice.

Our vision is a voice for every community - sharing our stories. We support and champion community broadcasting.

We are committed to:
•    Diversity and inclusion.
•    Strong governance, transparency, independence, integrity and trust.
•    Valuing and underpinning community, place and identity.

Community broadcasting involves participation in non-profit media which is committed to access, diversity, inclusion, independence, localism, multiculturalism, and social justice.

Catherine Carter live on Nunga Wangga

Community broadcasters each have a unique story to tell. We proudly help share those stories, voices and perspectives through projects that range from enhancing connections at a local level to sharing stories of national importance.

With more than 5.3 million Australians tuning in for an average of 15 hours every week, community broadcasting continues to be an important and valued avenue for independent Australian media.

Internationally recognised, the Australian community broadcasting sector is recognised as one of the most successful examples of grassroots media in the world.

Beating loneliness through community broadcasting

Community broadcasting is in a unique position to make a difference; entering the homes, cars and offices of lonely people every day.  It is a familiar and trusted voice. With your support we will fund programs to create connections at station and community level, increase volunteering and reducing loneliness. Read more

Solar for Stations

Solar powers social good

We understand the value of community broadcasting and with your help, we can support station resilience by supporting stations to install solar panels to reduce operating costs permanently while benefiting the environment. Read more


Leave a Gift in your Will

Remember the Community Broadcasting Foundation in your Will and make your lasting mark on the sector. Read more


Our Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are public supporters of community broadcasting, the CBF and our campaigns.  You might see or hear them talking about us and encouraging others to contribute to our work. Read more


Our Supporters

The Community Broadcasting Foundation seeks, secures, distributes and administers funding to support the development, creativity and sustainability of community broadcasting in Australia. We couldn't do it without our supporters. Read more


You can contribute to the work of the Community Broadcasting Foundation through the Community Broadcasting Development Fund. All donations are tax-deductible. For more information, please contact Lori Kravos in Philanthropy & Partnerships.

P: 03 8341 5900

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