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Beating loneliness, one broadcast at a time

Loneliness is more widespread and damaging than previously thought

About a third of us have experienced loneliness at some time.  Loneliness is not the exclusive domain of seniors living alone.  It can strike anyone anytime and recent research shows that the effects can be devastating.

The personal and social cost of loneliness can be significant  - depression, alcoholism and even suicide can be associated with loneliness.

Community radio is a solution to loneliness

With more than five million weekly listeners “community broadcasting is perfectly placed to tackle the far-reaching social issue of loneliness,” Dr Simon Order, Academic Chair of Sound and Radio at Murdoch University said in his report The Joy of Social Connection.  “[It] could be described as the perfect antidote to loneliness,” he said.

"The perfect antidote to loneliness"

Creating community connection is key to beating loneliness

Drawing on research by the Australia Institute, we believe that investing in real community connection can beat loneliness and the negative health conditions associated with it.

Local community radio can beat loneliness in three ways:

  • by reducing the stigma of loneliness - community radio is a companion to over 5.2 million listeners across Australia
  • by connecting people with activities and organisations in their community 
  • by inviting and involving people to volunteer in community radio.

With your help, the Community Broadcasting Foundation can beat loneliness by helping local community stations to engage their community and increase volunteerism.

Donations to the Community Broadcasting Development Fund are tax deductible

Help us beat loneliness

Community radio brings like-minded people together

Local community radio stations are often described as a hub or meeting point, a way for people to connect with like-minded individuals, both at the station and in the community.  By uniting these ‘tribes’ community broadcasting helps people to connect and feel less alone and lonely.

You can help us beat loneliness

“Community radio fosters social connection and cohesion in communities across Australia,” Community Broadcasting Foundation CEO, Ian Stanistreet said, “but with more resources we can help stations to address loneliness more directly, to connect lonely people with their communities and change lives for the better. With your assistance we can resource stations to address loneliness in their community more effectively through support for dedicated staff, skills development, equipment and special events - that’s why we started this campaign."

Men, new parents, people with disabilities and people living alone are the most vulnerable

“About a third of us have been seriously lonely,” CBF President Peter Batchelor said.  “In this day and age of instant connect-ability that’s unacceptable,” he said.

Especially vulnerable to loneliness are men, new parents, people with disabilities and people living alone - the four main areas that the campaign aims to tackle.