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Giving stations the power to thrive: Solar for Stations!

From increasing rents, to aging infrastructure, community radio stations face many cost pressures to stay on the air.

A regional community radio station may survive on as little as $40,000 a year while for suburban stations this sum might edge closer to $100,000. And almost all stations rely heavily on volunteer labour. To keep broadcasting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, costs can be hefty, and one of the biggest budget pressures is electricity.

One station may spend as much as $50,000 a year on power, and with power bills rising sharply in recent years and further increases predicted, the challenge is mounting. By contrast, the cost of solar panels is decreasing – they offer a perfect solution!

By installing solar panels and batteries one station could save up to $12,000 annually!

With your help, the Community Broadcasting Foundation wants to put solar power systems on stations across Australia.

Our partner, AllGrid energy, can design systems at the scale to suit any station and location – whether on station buildings or at the transmitter site. AllGrid also delivers the extra benefit of being an Indigenous company who trains, accredits and employs Indigenous Australians.

By giving to Solar for Stations you’ll help to reduce a station’s operating costs permanently, while benefitting the environment and giving employment opportunities to Indigenous people!

More than 5 million people listen to community radio each week. You can protect the vitality of independent radio with a gift to the Solar for Stations Campaign today.

Donations to the Community Broadcasting Development Fund are tax deductible

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"Money that should have been spent improving the infrastructure was spent paying power bills"

South Australia Community Broadcasting Association, Standardised Transmission Infrastructure Feasibility Study, 2014

For more information contact

Anita van Rooyen | Fundraising Executive | 03 8341 5900 | avanrooyen@cbf.com.au